Testimonial 1


Magis Leadership Coaching has completely changed my mindset and energy towards my business.  I strongly believe, that without the coaching (currently running at 12 months), my business would not be turning the corner it is nor would I be the authentic leader I am today. 


Avril’s style and approach are measured with a directness and clarity which brings out a much-needed transparency and honesty when dealing with business problems and solutions.


Within a short period of time we had analysed, problem solved and set out a plan, to create incremental, yet necessary step changes which were implemented and continuously reviewed.


After each session, I felt more confident, had renewed enthusiasm and was able to propel my business forward understanding better the short/long term priorities and challenges. This approach widened my vision and gave me the confidence to operate in different ways. 


I cannot thank Avril enough for the difference she has made to how I lead the team and the clarity and greater understanding I have gained of my business  - ‘warts and all’.


Stephen G – Salon Business Owner 

Testimonial 2

A very professional and reliable service. I sought Avril's help and advice when I was at a crossroads in my career. I was contemplating a complete career change and had decided to apply for a more senior management role within in different service area. 

Avril helped me to work through my skills and encouraged me to work through my skill set with confidence alongside handy tips to enhance any areas of development. 

Avril provided interview preparation which was incredibly beneficial and allowed for constructive feedback. This also allowed me to feel fully prepared for the interview.

Avril was patient and knowledgeable, as well as encouraging. 

Avril offers an incredible service and acts as an accountability partner that is very much needed when you are considering a career change or trying to advance within your chosen profession.

I would definitely use her service again and have already recommended her to my friends.  


Adele - Social Worker


Testimonial 3

As the CEO and leader of a medium size organisation, I recruited Avril to come and work with my senior leadership team. We were about to embark on significant organisational restructuring and I needed a coach to collaboratively work with the team on leadership effectiveness, adapting to change, changing behaviours and succession planning.


Avril worked on a one-to-one basis and was able to impact change directly with the leadership team by assisting them to;

clarify their leadership roles in the change initiative;

support them in developing a compelling case for change;

deal with resistance as a result of change;

become role models or champions of the change;

build stronger relationships within their teams and to develop communication plans to influence others to change.


Over the course of 12 months, I saw the impact coaching was having both in terms of team dynamic and individual evolution.


Avril’s style involves and facilitates the engagement of people at a holistic level, as well as drawing out, understanding and empathising with their specific and individual motivations. She increases self-awareness, self-leadership, empathy and levels of motivation. Avril was able to help the team find insights around how things in their lives connect. She offered the team the chance to explore and reflect on their work/life balance and their responsibilities, particularly regarding family. 


I recognise that one-on-one time with a coach offers a rare and highly valued opportunity for an executive to be heard, understood and challenged by an objective non-judgmental open mind which can often be a life-changing experience.


Dr M T Al Rasheed - CEO



Testimonial 4

Through my coaching sessions with Avril I have been challenged to think about WHY I am making the decisions I’ve made. I thought I was being indecisive and procrastinating. Avril assisted me in guiding my thinking by creating a framework for my thoughts and decisions.

Avril is a calm, pragmatic and intelligent lady whose natural flair and qualities as a coach and leader are coupled with a sincere respect for others. Her kindness, and thoughtfulness enhance her natural authority.  


Tina - Affordable Homes Property Sales Advisor


Testimonial 5 

Throughout all the bad times Avril has been my coach and mentor giving me sound advice, support and guidance. She devotes time and enthusiasm to her clients and has done everything possible to keep me focused and positive over the last few years, both personally and professionally.  I cannot thank her enough for all her help and support. 

She reviewed my job applications, offered changes and recommendations and helped me prepare for interviews. Thanks to her help, I have now secured a new job that I enjoy and am extremely thankful for.  


Throughout this journey Avril has been there for me, showing she cares and offering professional, pragmatic advice and guidance. As a coach Avril is amazing.  I can totally recommend her particularly for those who are struggling with low self-esteem and confidence issues.  She will do everything she can to help you.


JW – Victim Care Officer

Testimonial 6

I never thought I would need a coaching partner for my personal development and mindset but Avril was recommended to me by a fellow professional footballer and friend. He described her approach as ‘‘mind blowing" because 'she makes you think about yourself and your decisions/actions in ways you never thought you would”.


My experience has been similar. I have found her to be most helpful in getting me to open up and discuss my anxieties and lots of emotional stuff that I needed to let go. She makes you feel comfortable and listened to. She knows the right questions to ask to get you thinking on a deeper level. She has also helped me with my self-confidence in public speaking/media engagements.


I come away feeling lighter and with more understanding of why I am doing certain things and I honestly feel I am starting to address my issues because of the work we are doing during these coaching sessions.


Professional Footballer